Is an Online Energy Audit Worth My Time? | PG&E

Is an Online Energy Audit Worth My Time? As a business owner, you may find it difficult to carve out time for an online energy audit, but investing in business energy efficiency is not only worth your time, it’s the best use of it. In just seven minutes, you can input common, off-the-cuff knowledge about your business operations into an online audit using the Business Energy Checkup tool and receive an energy savings plan to decrease energy costs. The result: potentially thousands in yearly sav

5 Energy-Efficient Practices Your Employees Should Do Daily | PG&E

The 5 Energy-Efficient Practices Your Employees Should Do Daily Money-saving ideas don't need to come in the shape of large-scale sustainability measures to make a real difference. In fact, these five daily business energy efficient tactics are all you need to affect the bottom line. What's more, these sustainability measures are easy for employees to do – introduce them as standard practices and post helpful reminders in the form of these Employee Energy Efficiency Awareness posters.

Top 4 Benefits of AMI Meters for Water Utility Customers | San Jose Water

Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI for short, are high-tech water meters that have lots of new features. These new meters allow customers to track their usage on an hourly, daily or monthly basis through an online portal. Read on for some of the benefits of AMI meters and how the data they provide can help to detect potential water leaks, meet local guidelines, conserve water and get better customer service. Water conservation is at the driving force behind San Jose Water's (SJW) AMI prog

How AMI Systems Are Driving Water Conservation | San Jose Water

If you’ve ever struggled to make sense of your utility bill, you’ll appreciate the information provided by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems that meticulously track water usage and provide you with meaningful data. No longer will you ask yourself how much water you used in a day or when you used all of this water when reviewing your water utility bill. By providing key trends in water usage, AMI systems drive water conservation and influence change by providing you with answers. He

Are Leaks Driving Up Your Water Usage? | San Jose Water

When it comes to water usage, sometimes even the most conscientious residents can be wasting water and running up their water bill without knowing it. That’s because leaks can occur in a home without residents ever being aware of them. Leaks cause the average American home to lose more than 10,000 gallons of water every year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That’s equivalent to the amount of water usage the average family goes through in a month. It’s like paying for 13 m

Win Your Next Case: 5 Things to Cut to Uncover Clear Legal Writing

Articulating the mechanics behind a great argument can leave even a seasoned legal expert at a loss for words. Sure, we all recognize good writing when we see it: the crystal constructions, the step-by-step logic, the easy transitions. But what makes it all come together? In this post, you’ll learn that cutting excess is crucial to presenting a clear legal brief. Carve away these 5 writing knots to reveal a more elegant argument.
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